Sustainable holidays: natural materials, solar power & much more!

For a love of nature

To manage our farm in the most energy self-sufficient way possible, we do our part to protect the environment. The solar panels and the wood chip system, fuelled with wood from our forest, provide us with hot water.

Clean energy for everyone

The farm building, built in 2010, has an engine room with workshop, a hay and straw storage area, two ventilated rooms and a stable. There is a photovoltaic system on the roof of our stables which produces clean energy for 30 accommodation units.

Photovoltaic system

Environmentally friendly management

In 2015 we made the decision to run our business in an ecological way. For example, the best hay from our meadows is dried in the ventilated rooms. We still use the old mill to grind the grain for our chickens. In 2018 we built an air-conditioned barn for our livestock.

During our guided tour we are happy to tell you about the various aspects of our daily life on the farm.