Sustainability – environmentally friendly energy at the Zingerlehof

For more than 10 years we have been striving for the independence of our farm from the international energy companies.

Since 2003 a wood-chip heating system, driven with wood of our own forest, has been used for the hot water preparation.

This system is supported by solar panels, which heat the largest amount of water in summer.

In 2009 on the roof of the old barn a photovoltaic system for the farm’s private consumption has been installed.

The new farm building run with clean energy

In summer 2010 a new farm building has been established to facilitate the haying.

This multifunctional building contains the machine hall with workshop, a hay and straw store, two aeration chambers in which the best hay is produced from the grass of our meadows and finally the stable for our horses and sheep.

On the roof of this new building a photovoltaic system produces clean energy for approximately 30 households.

Through the silage free management of the farm a sustainable and inter-generational cultivation is possible.

Guests, who arrive with an electric vehicle, refuel for free.