Tradition at the farm – the history of the Zingerlehof

The Zingerlehof was first mentioned in records in 1428. Our family lives and works in the fifth generation at the Zingerlehof.

Since 1898 the property has been in the possession of our family. On that time Johann Faistnauer bought the farm. He used to work as a miller and in the historic mill even today we grind our corn to flour to bake our own bread.

In 1937 his son Johann Faistnauer took over the farm. He cultivated the land using Noriker horses, which were used for growing the grain and for the work in the forest. The first guests came in 1940. They were mostly citizens of Bolzano, which enjoyed peace and quiet as well as the fresh air. Even clergymen from the Vatican found recovery and came back a lot of times especially because of our advantageous position next to the important church of pilgrimage. So the Zingerlehof has been the first farm that provided rooms for guests.

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Josef Faistnauer took over the farm in 1973 and he specialized in dairy farming. Due to lack of space no rooms were rent to guests anymore. My father used to help us even after he left me the Zingerlehof. Unfortunately he was killed in an accident in the forest in 2010.

Since autumn 1999 I have been continuing with dairy framing. In 2002 we renovated and expanded the residential building. Since then we are renting holiday flats again. In 2011 we keep horses at the farm.

The farm consists of 6, 07 hectares of meadows and 17, 12 hectares of forest. In addition we cultivate approximately 2, 5 hectares of leased grassland.

We held 16 cows and we deliver their hay milk to the Sterzinger Milchhof, where the milk gets processed into different products (e.g. yogurt and butter).